Vent silencers reduce noise or unwanted sound generated due to high velocity of steam and gas venting to atmosphere at outlet of valve with critical flow conditions. Every silencer is designed on the basis of our customers’ technical specification and required noise level attenuation.

Standard Features

  • Highly engineered inlet diffuser
  • Expansion chamber with heavy-gauge perforated sheets and highly absorptive fiberglass acoustic material
  • Cylindrical perforated noise absorptive bullets
  • Supports for vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Lifting lugs and bottom drain
  • All welded heavy-duty steel construction
  • High-heat aluminum paint system

Typical Applications

  • Steam boiler relief valves
  • Safety relief valves
  • Start-up vent valves
  • Boiler startup
  • Steam exhaust
  • High-pressure air vents
  • Natural gas blow-downs
  • Compressor blow-offs
  • Steam ejectors
Material of Construction

  • Carbon Steel, SA-516 Gr70, SA-106B, SS304, SS316, SA-387 Gr11, 387 Gr22, SA-335 P11, SA-335 P22, Monel and Hastelloy.

Optional Features

  • Diffuser pipe with flanged or beveled end
  • Inlet slider arrangement (slip joint)
  • Inlet with expansion bellow joint
  • Multiple inlets with up to 6 inlets
  • Absorptive material: glass fibre, ceramic or mineral wool
  • Manhole or handhole for inspection
  • Chair support, saddle support, skirt or leg support
  • Outlet pipe extensions
  • Diffuser assembly designed as per ASME Section VIII, Division I
  • Outlet weather hood with head or elbow, sand hood, bird screen, insulation clips, tailing lugs